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Statement of your Wishes. But make it Digital.

We're here to help you, help your loved ones when you're not around to answer their questions. Your Vault is created for once you've died, but it's also very useful whilst you're alive. Everything's in one place.

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AddendoVault is the simple and secure way to plan, store and share your wishes for posterity. Whether you’re looking for a safe place to store a will or somewhere to document your end of life planning, AddendoVault is here to ensure your last wishes are always secure. Sign up for a free account today and take charge of your legacy.


Store everything from your solicitor’s contact details to the songs you’d love to be remembered by. Death planning is made easy when you create personalised instructions for your loved ones. Key Holders will know exactly what to do with the information that matters most to you.

Succession simplified

Make your wishes clear so that your loved ones will be able to focus on more important things than searching for your last will and testament or pet insurance policy.

Securely and safely stored

Unlock peace of mind knowing you've securely stored all the right information for after you’re gone. And the best part. YOU decide when it gets released to them – your free personal digital vault is fully controlled by you even after you’ve passed.

Secure It with AddendoVault.

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This is personal

Remember the Berlin Wall? They don’t. Tell them your stories and build family memories for the next generations. Passing lessons, memories, values and traditions on to your loved ones is one of the greatest gifts of all!

Go your own way

Yours to use, your way. With a free AddendoVault account, you can nominate the key holders you wish to have access to your essential information once you’re gone, including funeral plans, account details, and more. Premium account holders have the ability to create lists, store passwords, share memories, file important documents or create dietary plans for your furry friends. There’s no limit on what you can add to your personal AddendoVault. Get organised and ease the burden and stress on your family.

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Go out with a bang

Not many people choose to have their ashes fired into space, but if that’s what you’d like then let them know. Our end of life planner is a secure online platform designed for you to record whatever you want, so your loved ones don't feel burdened by decision making. Enjoy the benefits of a free account today.


So great to finally have a place where I can store all my future wishes, including the “tug on your heartstrings” song at my funeral to make sure there’s not a dry eye in the house!! I can’t wait to set one up for my parents now too! I love my Addendo vault!!


Trustpilot review

A friend forwarded the Addendo link, and after 5 minutes browsing, I knew I'd found where to store the memories, stored in numerous places.I'm from the, " there's no hurry", group, but it's so simple to begin, and change, if you change your mind.


Trustpilot review

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Pricing Plans

Basic Plan


With Restrictions

Unlimited changes

Unlimited nominated Key Holders

2 factor authentication

Secure SSL encryption

Reminders to update


Important information (Limited)

Funeral details (Limited)

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Premium Plan


One off fee for 10 years



Important information (unlimited)

Medical information

Day to day information

Memories/Info about your Children

Memories/Info about your Grandchildren

Information about your Pets

Funeral details (unlimited)

Death Certificate information

Your Life Story

Answers to Reflecting questions


Upload - Precious documents/photos/letters

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