Five reasons to plan for the end of life
Five reasons to plan for the end of life

We get it – thinking about death, and our own mortality is hard. But it's something that's as 'certain as taxes', and we've all heard the stories of families heavily burdened when a loved one passes without any final wishes, last will or instructions for what happens when they're gone. 


There are many reasons why planning for the end of life is important, but here are our top five:


1. Relieves the burden of decision making from those you love – Your family will already be grieving, and making difficult decisions on top of this will add a tremendous amount of stress and emotional turmoil. Worse still, it can cause rifts, and that is something no one wants.


2. Eases the financial strain on your dependants – Simply planning what happens to your estate and personal effects means fewer rifts, fewer taxes and more capital to distribute to your family. 


3. Allows for a peaceful end of life – Rest easy knowing that everything you need to say and share is kept securely for your loved ones. Your grandmother's scone recipe? Your favourite reading? Your hopes for your children and grandchildren? By putting these in one place, they'll land in the right hands when you pass away.


4. Covers you if you are no longer capable – You may have a deteriorating condition or be facing an unknown road. The truth is, death can visit anyone at any time, as can an inability to make decisions at the end of life stage. Nominating a trusted executor, writing your will and beginning to collect your final wishes, thoughts, and memories in one place to be shared easily with your loved ones when you pass will give you some comfort in your precious time left.


5. Creates a vision for your funeral – The last thing your family will want to do in the days following your passing is quibble about what they think you may have liked for your funeral. Leave them some instructions – Burial or cremation? Religious or secular? Service or a 'knees up'? Even down to the music you'd like to have played, the food and whether or not you want it to be a celebration of life or a more sombre affair. All these decisions can take away any pressure on the family at what will be a difficult time.


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