The 7 Best Songs About Death: Funeral Songs To Rock Out To
The 7 Best Songs About Death: Funeral Songs To Rock Out To


As a society, we don't talk about death enough, but if there's one thing you HAVE discussed with your loved ones, it's probably the song you want them to play when you're laid to rest.

And if you're like us, you may have had this 'talk' accompanied by many laughs and a few frothies!

Here are some of our fave light-hearted funeral song choices. Are these on your or your mates' unofficial funeral song wishlist?


I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight – Cutting Crew
Who doesn't love a bit of 80s pop? Get them dancing down the aisle with a song for those who loved their hair BIG back in the day and don't mind confusing love for death.


It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) – REM
Yep, the world will still turn when we're gone, and we won't feel anything at all. Nice one, Michael Stipe.


Another One Bites The Dust – Queen
An all-time rock classic, you can't go wrong with this masterpiece, resplendent with its grooving bassline and Freddie's cries to signal your demise.


Highway To Hell – AC/DC
If you want to go out with a bang, this is THE song! Perhaps not if you plan for a solemn church service, though. What will Aunty Joan think?


Live And Let Die – Paul McCartney & Wings
If it was good enough for James Bond in 1973, then it's good enough to be your final ode and tribute. Extra rock points if you prefer the Gunners (Guns n' Roses) version. Let's hope your loved ones think to serve martinis at your wake too—shaken, not stirred, of course.


Spirit In The Sky – Norman Greenbaum
A bit of happy clappy hippy cheer never hurt anyone, and it might just make your most devastated guests leave your funeral deliriously upbeat!


Only The Good Die Young – Billy Joel
No one messes with the Piano Man—even though this song is most definitely NOT about dying young, he released it when he was a wee 28 year old in 1977 and it's been a firm funeral favourite ever since.


Don't let those light-hearted end-of-life discussions end there. It's important to plan for what happens when you've gone, so that your loved ones know exactly how to send you off.

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