What is a DIY funeral? And should I have one?
What is a DIY funeral? And should I have one?

As the population ages and with more choices in the new digital universe, DIY funerals are fast becoming a common alternative to 'one size fits most' package funerals. A bespoke funeral allows you to put together a personal and unique farewell for you or your loved one. It gives you greater control over arranging the type of service or celebration and other aspects like transport, music, flowers, caskets, and a budget that feels right for you.


Let's assume you are thinking of planning your own send-off. You probably have many interests and elements that make you, you. You may desire to leave a legacy that truly reflects you. In that case, a DIY funeral might be the perfect option.


How do I go about planning a DIY Funeral?


1. Choose your end of life planning tool

First and foremost, planning is everything! As death and incapacity can touch any of us at any time, time is of the essence. There are many ways you can begin recording and keeping final wishes. With AddendoVault, you can do this simply with our online tool that covers everything from the songs to play, the photos to include, down to the choice of refreshments and whether the dog will attend!


2. Start adding your funeral wishes

With a series of optional questions to help understand your final wishes, and unlimited space for uploading and attaching notes, photos, videos and more, you'll be giving your loved ones a solid idea of how you'd like to be sent off; bang or no bang! And that means that they can focus on grieving without added stress and arguments about what they think you may have liked for your funeral.


3. The next steps are up to you! 

Remember, you are in control. Think about the following aspects, and don't forget to add them to your AddendoVault:


  • Requiem mass, a small gathering at your sister's home, or drinks for the town at your local watering hole?
  • Burial or cremation? 
  • Homemade coffin or ashes scattered in the sea?
  • Roses, white lilies or the flowers from your garden?
  • "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen or "Somewhere Over The  Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole as your casket lowers?
  • Do you want your grandchildren to take part in the service? Or your beloved Bingo?
  • Fairy bread or cucumber sandwiches for supper?


Let the choice be yours. To bring you peace of mind and the knowledge that you'll keep your legacy alive, it's easy with AddendoVault


Simply create a login, and begin storing your favourite songs, readings, thoughts, photos, and instructions for your loved ones. You can choose who receives your memories and when at the end of your life. 


Sign up today and feel more in control of planning for death.