What are our different user types?

What are our different user types?

Vault Holder

A vault holder Is the person who creates a Vault to store their own information.  

The Vault (depending on whether it is a free or paid account) will include these sections:

  • About You
  • Important Details
  • Medical Details
  • Day to Day details
  • Children
  • Grand children 
  • Pets
  • Funeral Details
  • Your death certificate details
  • Life Story
  • Reflecting
  • Uploads

Vault holders manage Key Holder permissions.  This means they can invite new Key Holders and control access levels for anyone that holds a key to their Vault. 

A Vault Holder can give a Key Holder access to their own vault as follows:

  • to selected sections and/or all sections
  • access to particular sections pre death or post death (or both)

The access is ‘read only’ version and does not allow the Key Holder to change any of the information the vault holder has added to their own vault.

A minimum of one ‘Key Holder’ must be invited to each Vault. There are no limits or charges for the number of Key Holders you can invite, and their permissions of access can be amended at any time. 

Once the Key Holder has been invited, the Vault Holder will be able to see if they have logged in. If they haven’t logged the Vault Holder will see a ‘pending’ notification on their name within Manage Access to My Vault section. You can resend the email to invite them to view the read only version of the vault sections you have allowed access to. Alternatively, we do suggest reaching out to them yourself and asking them to check their junk folder. 

The Vault holder must not share their own Vault login details to another person in any circumstances. 

Key Holder

A Key Holder is a person who has been nominated by a Vault Holder to be able to access some of their person information either pre-death, post-death or both. The Key Holder will receive an email from us, notifying them of the role they have been given. 

The Key Holder should feel very special - it means that someone they know, or someone who trusts them, wants to share a personal record about themselves with them. The be a Key Holder, you have to be a user of our platform and therefore agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

Each invited Key Holder will create their own login to our services. This sets up a free version of their own vault with access to the vault of the original Vault Holder who invited them. The information the Key Holder can see depends on the access the original Vault holder has given them. When you sign in as a Key Holder, you also become a Vault Holder, and we ask some very basic information to set this free Vault up. You can choose not to input any further information, and instead just use your log in to access the original vault holder’s information.

In the event of the Vault Holder’s death, the Key Holder can login to their own Vault, go to the ‘Vaults I have access to’ section, select the Vault of the person who has died, and upload the person’s medical death certificate. You will also warrant to us that, to the best of your knowledge, this person is in fact deceased. The other Key Holders to this Vault will immediately be notified that someone has alerted us to the death of the Vault Holder, and there will be a 12 hour period for any objections by other Key Holders before the information in the Vault holder’s vault will be released.